Join me in the fantasy you've long dreamt of, where passion, seduction, fun and genuine affection collide...

I'm a very engaging and friendly companion, and my quirky and charming personality is sure to win you over!

I'm quite down-to-earth, and try to enjoy the best that life has to offer me. I'm a realistic optimist, I enjoy the little things in life and try to savour every bit of it, and can often be found smiling or laughing at a long-forgotten memory. 

I've always been a very naturally sensual person, and the sexuality of others has always driven my curiousity, which led me to this path I'm currently in. I wholeheartedly love what I do and my time spent with the people I meet, and I'm always excited at the prospect of getting to know someone new, their unique quirks and qualities and what turns them on.

I live for the small things in life - a relaxing bubble bath after a long day, warm conversation with friendly company, reading an interesting book, a nice glass of wine.. It's very easy to make me happy - thoughtful gifts, a warm embrace, or even just a funny joke is sure to have me smiling and feeling at ease with you.  

I'm a very curvy lady(I believe the term "Big Beautiful Women" is appropriate here), and have a figure made for lots of loving and touching. I have fiery red hair, captivating hazel eyes, a radiant smile that will light up any room(accompanied by my adorable dimples!) and a contagious laugh.

But don't let my adorable girl-next-door looks fool you; I'm a very naughty girl by nature, and won't hesitate to get down and dirty when the time calls for it!